Exclusive: Cream Team Chicago Talk Colin Kaepernick and Carpe Diem

CsfE7BXUMAAtHxI.jpgDonnie Macc and Turk The Champ have the makings of a legendary duo. The Chicago group are just getting their feet wet but their initial offerings to the public have the dynamism and confidence of a seasoned recording group. We sat down with Cream Team to talk music, sports, politics and their beloved hometown of Chicago.

Introduce yourself to the people. How did you get the name Cream Team? 

The name Cream Team came about  when we were 17. We were always together and just wanted a name that identifies us as brothers and as a unit. The acronym C.R.E.A.M. means Chicago Represents Everything About Me.

What did Chicago teach you as individuals and as a music act?

In Chicago it’s survival of the fittest; a business mind (hustler), a friendly face, yet a dog. Gotta show love but stand your ground. Humble yet hungry. There are so many aspects to our personality; it mirrors our city. Chicago has a ton of musical culture and history which gives us something to feed off of.

What are the biggest misconceptions about Chicago? 

It’s no secret that violence is the first thought that pops in people’s heads when they think of the city. That’s not what Chicago’s about. There’s a lot of love and positivity that people don’t pay attention to because that’s not what screams the loudest. The violence overshadows everything positive.

What are your thoughts on Colin Kaepernick and the significance of Black Lives Matter influencing the narrative of America’s favorite past time? 

He’s using his platform to inspire change. He’s willing to take the risk. No matter how big big or small, anyone with a platform should use it to stand for what they believe in. Can’t help but to respect that.

Chicago is best known for it’s sports franchises. How is Cream Team similar to the city’s historic athletic teams? 

All teams in Chicago have a grind it out mentality. They all had dynamic duos and spent years building brick by brick a winning dynasty.

In a city of Chief Keefs and Chance The Rappers how will Cream Team stand out? 

We have a level of originality that will appeal to the masses. Our personalities are opposite of each other, which creates the perfect formula for the Cream Team sound.

Do you remember the exact moment you knew that you’d be pursuing a professional music career?

There was a point in our life when we had NOTHING but free time on our hands. We’ve always loved music and thought we could add a different element so we started to create. We found ourselves cranking out 5 songs a day and the response we were getting from people was really genuine. With the type of music and brand that we have, we knew that we could have a big influence.

The live element is more important than ever. How do you separate yourselves from the current artists touring the country? 

We’re not just artists rapping songs, we actually have a performance element that draws people in. We’re naturally fun and entertaining to be around and people know they’re going to have a good time. We translate that fun to our music and performances. They want to hear our story.

What is the legacy that Cream Team want to leave behind in Hip-Hop and Pop Culture?

Live life to the fullest! Carpe Diem