Exclusive: JTucc Discusses Distinguished Records, His Collaboration With T.Woods and Why His Music Is Timeless

Distinguished Records started making big moves with T.Woods at the beginning of this year. When did you become involved with the label and what is your relationship with Woods?

DRF started making moves at the beginning of the year with T.Woods coming out. As far as me being involved I’ve been involved since day one we have been doing music for over ten years. From free styling at High School parties to recording at home in a closet with a sock on the microphone in our early stages. T.woods is my older brother. As kids we dreamt of a opportunity to feed and create jobs for our people. Music was always an outlet for us along with sports. Music wise you can expect something epic from me at the top of 2017. I’m working on this project now and I promise it will turn heads.

From the music we heard from you project you definitely have a grittier sound than T.Woods. What are the biggest influences on your music?

T.Woods and I  are different artists with different sounds. T. Woods is a complete artist don’t get me wrong. If he chose to get in the street rap lane he could. I sound how I do because I’m more in tune with street politics from being in a gang as a kid (Rollin Sixty Crips). Selling drugs, being in shoot outs, prison time; you name it I’ve seen it if not done it. Who are  my biggest influences? I’d have to say T.woods. Not his style but his drive to make this music pay off . Style wise I’d have to say many rappers in the south have influenced me in some way.

Texas is the mecca of successful independent Hip-Hop artists and one of the main keys to that success is the live performance. What can people expect from a JTucc performance?

Texas is wide open right now the people are begging for someone to bring back hip hop in a major way. Why not us? Why not now? As far as shows go everything is bigger in Texas! You can expect a performance from Tucc with a packed house and bottles turnt up for sure!

Most recording artists are fly by night acts who have brief moments of fame. What is going to make you a lasting influence on both Hip-Hop and Pop Culture?

Yea we call them one hit wonders. Most of them got lucky. Pure luck. With me I’m going to keep putting grade A music out for the masses over and over again. My drive sets me apart from a average artist. I’m my biggest critic hands down.

What is The Redford Club going to be reporting a year from now on JTucc?

The Redford Club will report next year that me and my label mates’ hard work paid off like we said it would. They will do a in person interview and report all of our successes.